Are you looking to copy your PSP games? To begin backing up your PSP games, you will need to have software that can circumvent the copy prevention that is in place to stop people from doing this.

Every PSP game, and ultimately Video Game, generally has some sort of ‘Protection’ so that people can not copy the game and give it to their friends, or sell copies for profit. This can be unfair in cases as HONEST users, like yourself and I, spend our hard earned money on these games and it is ideal if we can make a backup copy, so as to protect out investment.

Sounds like a good idea? It is! Games these days are so VERY EASY to damage, a single scratch, a tiny bit of dust, even fingerprints and your EXPENSIVE games, even hardware can be damaged BEYOND REPAIR. We don’t want this to happen, so we need to copy our games. Sounds simple, but you will need software that;

– Can Crack the Copy-Protection

– Read Your PSP games

– Burn the Games to a blank UMD and make sure it is done so when you go to play it, it works

That is AT LEAST 3 programs right there, and take it from me, you will have to spend A LOT of money to make it work properly, and even then there is NO GUARANTEE that it will work. Enter, ‘Copy That Game’. This software does it all, it works and สล็อต ALL with the CLICK OF A BUTTON!

How Does Copy That Game Work?

As previously said, this software is a basic point and click solution, but do not assume that the software itself is basic, under that really easy interface. It is an advanced piece of software that cracks the copy protection, and efficiently copy’s it to the backup disk, all with “Push Button” simplicity.

It can be summed up in these easy steps;

– Starting up the Copy that Game Program

– Loading the Game Disc

– Making ISO backup Image

– Burning to UMD or Memory Stick (Easier Option)

– Enjoy YOUR game, safe in the knowledge that it cannot be damaged

Seriously, that’s it. It is genuinely THAT simple, there is no BS and no fluff, this is a program that works and does what it says, with no problems, and great support in the unlikely event that it does not. So for the sake of saving A LOT of money on damaged games, buy Copy That Game and relax in the knowledge that you will NEVER have to suffer damaged games again!

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